Benefits of Cryotherapy

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If you find yourself suffering from extreme pain — whether it be from sports-related or everyday injuries — you may notice that sitting in cold water gives you some relief. If you have ever used an ice pack to treat your sore legs, muscles, or joints, you have already participated in cryotherapy. This unique treatment service from Simply Laser, LLC is currently taking the world by storm, and can offer a wealth of benefits; even one stand-alone session can offer several benefits to your physical and mental health. However, our boutique salon professionals recommend several cryotherapy sessions to get the most out of this treatment process.

A woman undergoing cryotherapy treatment.

Reduces Migraine Symptoms

The use of cryotherapy — also known as cold therapy — to treat migraines has gained popularity globally over many years. This freezing strategy from Simply Laser, LLC is more precise and effective in treating even persistent migraines and cervicogenic headaches. In fact, when applied to the neck, cryotherapy can help cool down the nerves to prevent and ward off migraines. It also cools down the blood passing through the carotid arteries, which are the blood vessels located on the skin's surface. Get relief from your severe symptoms today with an appointment at Simply Laser, LLC in Dallas, TX.

A woman undergoing cryotherapy treatment.

Numbs Nerve Irritation

While it may seem like an old-fashioned way of treating injuries, most athletes still use cryotherapy to numb pain; this treatment option has become a major recovery tool for gym fanatics and fitness enthusiasts. Cryotherapy is based entirely on a healing process many sports enthusiasts have adopted to relieve pain and other problems related to exercises. If you lead an active lifestyle and are experiencing pain, or are suffering from irritated nerves from other sources, Simply Laser, LLC’s treatment options can help!

A woman undergoing cryotherapy treatment.

Helps Treat Mood Disorders

Holistic healing solutions — which are treatment options without using prescribed medicines — can help treat mood disorders, and cryotherapy is one of them. In fact, cryotherapy treatments from Simply Laser, LLC in Dallas, TX can help manage a patient’s mental health, especially with regards to conditions linked to inflammation. Cryotherapy triggers the release of endorphins and adrenaline hormones which then reduces depression and anxiety; in fact, participants who undergo full-body cryotherapy are most likely to achieve effective results within the shortest time possible.

A person entering a cryosauna.

Reduces Arthritis Pain

Cryotherapy for general or rheumatoid arthritis is a safe and low-risk treatment that has helped many people get back to their normal lives. In fact, this treatment process can help heal the affected area, making it one of the rehabilitation programs geared towards the treatment of arthritis; it’s also possible for individuals to have improved mobility after undergoing full-body cryotherapy. Our professional, caring staff at Simply Laser, LLC is proud to help you reduce your pain in whatever way possible!

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Cryotherapy offers many physical and mental benefits when used once or twice, but these increase exponentially after several recurring sessions; it is also very effective when used with chiropractic care, physical therapy, and pain management programs. Get started with this treatment option by scheduling an appointment at Simply Laser, LLC today!