Founded in 2018, Simply Laser serves the greater Dallas area from our Lake Highlands salon. We were founded primarily to offer a friendly, comfortable place where people could feel welcomed while enjoying top-notch esthetic services. We’ve done the hard work to bring licensed, certified, and highly trained professionals onto our team, and we’re proud to offer medical-grade laser hair removal and facial peels in a comfortable environment that makes our clients feel seen, heard, and cared-for.

We believe that appearance has a massive impact on every human’s quality of life. It’s our passion to be allies for everyone who wants to achieve a specific look. That’s why we’ve focused on hair reduction and skin care, which offer long-lasting results and give our clients undeniable reasons to feel confident. We seek to create deeper shifts in our clients’ daily lives, freeing them up to smile at themselves in the mirror as they pursue their best lives.

It’s our honor to provide personalized, simple services that make a big difference for our clients. Most importantly, we’re glad to be sources of information, education, and empowerment. All of our beauticians seek to understand what our clients need and make compassionate, personal suggestions. Wherever you may be on your journey, let us be part of it. Book an appointment online with Simply Laser today.


Simply Laser only uses medical grade lasers. Our Cynosure Apogee Elite is the best laser technology available today. It combines the Alexandrite laser, which is the gold standard for treating lighter skin tones, and the Nd:YAG, which is the gold standard for treating darker skin tones. We can safely and effectively treat all skin types.